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Al Magharibia TV Channel

Target Audience:
News enthusiasts and Arabic-speaking locals

The Al Magharibia channel broadcasts political, social and economic programmes. The channel is broadcast in Arabic and more than 50 percent of the broadcast programmes are devoted to news. The channel promotes free speech and expression. The tone of Al Magharibia is firmly based on political and ideological discourse.


Programmes on the channel include “”Our Religion””, the “”World Today”” and “”Mahgrebian Event””. A great deal of the coverage provided by Al Magharibia is aimed at raising public awareness, opening debates and conversations on some of the burning issues affecting the Arabic-speaking world and attempting to raise public activities and demonstrations against some issues. Viewers can interact with the Al Magharibia channel by posting their own views and comments in the “”Echo of the Street”” programmes.

If you are ready to advertise on Al Magharibia TV or interested in learning about other stations and mediums feel free to get in touch.