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Brand Identity Evolution

Industry Segment:
Industrial and logistics


Service: Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity,

Design Collateral, Design, Web Design


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rockfreight, previously known as DGT Logistics, is a family owned and run project freight and logistics business.


Formed in France during 1997, the brand’s identity required updating and evolving in order to maintain a clear position and sustain competitiveness with large corporate competitors in the category.

Empire conducted thorough brand research, which went on to inform a differentiated brand strategy, simplified name and corporate identity.

A full set of brand collateral was designed and produced to support the launch of the new brand.

Brand Positioning

While the brand enjoyed a lot of equity and family heritage in its old identity, the new generation of management felt that a shift in direction was required in order to differentiate from competition.  

As a result, the brand’s French and German heritage was strongly referenced in creating a brand representing simple, approachable efficiency. 

To be the most trusted freight
forwarder in the market

In an industry characterized by complexity and concerns over lack of trust, Rockfreight aims to build trust through its European heritage 

its founding in Hamburg, one of the leading freight forwarding cities worldwide and an honest, open and personal approach to doing business.